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What did the first three Roundtables teach us?

Above and beyond of the meaningful takeaways the first three Roundtables, they though us something that needs further reflection about their current existing awareness

the connection between being competitive with new management models

  • the "resistance" of looking at employees as human capital and mostly Human beings

  • the connection with ancient roots for hierarchy , leadership

There is no blame here. Only a recognition that we are still far to accept a changing world reality.

And considering that we didn't use jargons, or tried to evidence maybe "fashions" about management approaches and tools ( Digital Transformation, Agile) this shows and reinforce the distance with reality.

What we have pleased to see, is that the Culture is nowadays not anymore a pure intangible concept. Its tangibility become evident when it is connected with the opportunities/ risks and benefits/issues which come when it is considered or not a strategic dynamic capability.

Let's wait anyway the takeaways of the fourth Roundtable to further check if there are any further point of reflection and takeaways.


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