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"Practitioner meets academia and returns" The Quote that Identifies Who I Am, What I do and How I work.

Things happen when you are Ready

There some situations in life where things change not directly because of our actions, but because things happen when you are in the right place and in the right moment : THIS MEANS YOU ARE READY.

There is another personal characteristic that makes this possible: "I am a path Finder". This means that the world in general and in this special changing period, pushed me to look for "breadcrumbs" to follow and to explore different paths.

The need to find something novel or some approaches new for existing problems to solve, getting and transferring my knowledge has brought me to take actions, meeting ( again) academia (after my MBA in consulting) to base my expertise on research, and build something practical to use as a Managing Consultant, Mentor and sometimes, Coach.

For this new path i need to say thank you to the people I met during the recent years.

Firstly an estimate Academic like David Wilkinson who, recognised in 2021 "Luca is one of those rare people who takes their professional responsibilities and development seriously, and who mixes practical experience with proper evidence and research. Luca is professional, knowledgeable and with a real concern for not only making sure that his work is evidence-based but that his deep knowledge is right up to date with the very latest research and evidence"

But i didn't find at the time, the full spirit to effectively create and to share knowledge beyond my work.

Secondly my thanks go to Tibor Zsigmond who thought about me to be part of an authors groups, a paper that raises awareness and propose solutions about ethics in SME in Nov 2022.

Thirdly a huge THANK YOU to Mostafa Sayyad who in April 2023, contacted me to see I could have been interested in collaborating with him in preparing Opinion/insight papers, after having read one or two my first Linkedin article from my newsletter: AI & BUSINESS. This journey , with Mostafa who pushed and used genuine motivation, has been a fantastic path discovery with the result of having been published 8 times in top journals for novel approaches around Corporate Social Responsivity, AI for Business and Consulting, Leadership and DEI.

I add in chronological order Ben Warnes, MBA mate, with whom we built a new Framework VIBE © Executives from regulations to AI trust ( EBR- European Business Review..)

A particular thanks goes to Valentina Lorenzon who suggested the quote " Practitioner meets academia" to which i added " and returns"

What's next and why I am writing this article:

The good news, is that my path and relative opportunities for researching, practising and developing models for Executives, Senior managers around quite a lot of areas has recently reached other satisfaction points:

  • another validation of knowledge for practice from "The European Financial Review"( in press) and "The World Financial Review" ( in press) about getting lessons learned from DOT.COM hype and the Electric Vehicles one with the aim to "refresh" the memory and add practical advice to avoid, in the context of AI ecosystem, similar or even worse potential pitfalls.

  • The ( finally) further step ahead about sharing knowledge for Executives, Senior managers and Practitioners through a new coming online and interactive course: AIBI© AI and Business. It includes those models, frameworks and advice already "validated" through published topics for the same audience and transformed in knowledge and action sharing.

"Practitioner meets academia and returns": this is the second level of return to practice.

Does it sound a little bit like "Double- loop learning"?


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