Change management tools can help professionals and team members to walk through the management of the change process. 

Tools don't substitute the people side management of the change. Professionals need to have a wise and tailored approach in using tools , processes and...

A pivotal-based approach can be used in different areas such as Education, Software development, ERP implementation. When we speak about change, sometimes this approach can be very powerful when you need to show business owners and people involved in the change, what t...

What are the most relevant challenges of leadership in multinational leadership?

Without forgetting the time difference, language barriers, different assumptions based on different cultures, I have experimented that using the right multinational leadership to manage res...

In the Project recovery life cycle, there is a crucial phase: Requirements for a recovery

phase, where we assess and validate the original requirements vs solution proposed.

I have broken down the two other sub-phases to help in understanding where we can

allocate the i...

We are in a situation where the activities aimed to prevent a project from going to a RED status didn’t work. Tools, methodologies, external and internal circumstances couldn’t help a PM to spot and manage the early warnings  to prevent a crisis. Let’s see how PMs can...

We are already experiencing so many changes, disruptions, and transformations related to the 4th industrial revolution in different industries and foresee many more in the future.

Professor Klaus Schwab, WEF’s founder, gives an impressive account of these changes in his...

In the previous post, we have proposed an approach to help a PM to incorporate elements of CM’s discipline to manage the change when there are no specific professional resources or particular skills related to Change Management.

This post aims to share with you, the ele...


The aim of this post is to help Project Managers (PMs) in realistically defining  the boundaries between project management and change management (CM), and I would like to lead you through the differences between the two disciplines,  to show what tools can...


Reporting is one of the crucial tasks for a project manager where the relevant project’s details are assessed. Scope situation, time management, and cost management are usually most important information required for all stakeholders.

The project reporting n...

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