"Only those who have the agility to change with the market and innovate quickly will survive."
Robert Kiyosaki

We are in a continuous period of transformation. For incumbents, transformation is a matter to maintain competitive advantages. For Start-ups and Scaleups it is a matter of survining and trive along the growth path




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Our activities are focused on allowing clients to successfully get their transformations done, with savings and investment optimisations following our High Impact Transformation (HIT) the 

framework, to pursue the strategic transformation to gain new competitive advantages.

A Scaleup coach, in your Journey to grow,  is there to help you to be more accountable but without micro-managing and adapting your leadership style. At the same time spot your blind spots in strategy, people. Finance, culture, while 

supplying proven tools to work with, augmenting  the strategic critical thinking.

GOLDEN VENTURES INVESTMENT's (GVI) target is to scout potential innovative solutions based on each markets needs/demands and help High-Tech parks, global accelerators and Private Sectors to attract the relevant companies to launch their product and establish their entity in the relevant market.

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