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Ambassador for RKC-Royal Kennedy College

Honored to be nominated as Ambassador of the Robert Kennedy College ( Switzerland) as part of the new Ambassador programme which aims to ensure that our prospective students have all the relevant information before deciding to join them. As an Alumnus of their program, delivered by York St. John University - MBA in Consulting and awarded for Business - Postgraduate Programme Prize - Achievement of the Highest Degree Mark, it looks like my positive experience with Online programs could be of great value to those who are considering enrolling in one of their online programs.

My pieces of advice will be based on:

  • do not plan a career being rigid: a loose vision allows you to discover unexpected opportunities and possibilities. This mindset enables students to adapt and explore instead of limiting themselves to pre-defined paths.

  • Think about 1. where you can learn and 2. where you can move further horizontally and then vertically systematic view and holistic approaches are those that will become gold)

  • Develop a grown mindset and become a lifelong learner. Find your way with:


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