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What is a thought leader?- TRUSTED MAGAZINE Interview

A thought interview from TRUSTED MAGAZINE

I am delighted to have been interviewed by Trust Magazine. Topic? My career, challenging experience, and my philosophy about how to react to uncertain contexts.

During this interview, I recalled some moments in my life where changes were related to the “maturity levels” in which I was involved.

Yes, cycles or life cycles. Before the cycle started, I had to think about facts (as-is), and possible developments ( to-be) and then decide if I could have refreshed or improved something in the role or exit. And behaving as a pathfinder has always been painful. The rewards came from the new jobs as an employee, or the first customers gained as a management consultant.

I was depicted as an uncertain person. Worse than a job-hopper.

In the end, in addition, to having removed criticisms from people who were not able to change, despite the circumstances, I am proud to have followed what I think is better for me and following the principles of being self-reliant, looking for new purposes and adapting, at the best of my capabilities.

Thank you Trusted Magazine for this opportunity.


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