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"THE BRAND CALLED YOU"- Interview topics

Thanks to Ashutosh Garg , founder of "The brand called you" i had the opportunity to share my thoughts about AI.

The interview was based on AI systems and current feedback from the corporate world about AI adoption and implementation.

We talked about AI and how companies today can use all these new technologies that are coming out. Leaders need to learn everything they can at a high level to make the right calls on what AI to bring in and why. They need to know what exactly their business will get out of it: if it is worth the money and changes and all.

There's also the thing of getting the people on your teams ready for AI. For innovative technologies like AI systems, you need to explain what they can do and what they can't, allowing people to get realistic expectations early in the process. And if they trust it and know the ground rules around using it ethically, that goes a long way to smooth things over.

Looking down the line, AI could take over many basic everyday tasks, so there's more time for staff to handle more complex and strategic tasks.. The systems can help plan for different scenarios by crunching the numbers, But we gotta be sure that it aligns with the company's values and what its workers want. The people still need to be in charge of it all, and for it to help them - AI shouldn't take over and call all the shots.


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