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Hard metrics and empathy from Consultants in RPA

This is a reflection after concluding clients’ projects for automation (RPA -Robotic Process Automation). Consulting engagements are about more than utilising technical skills and expertise.

The key to delivering genuine value is developing authentic human connections and rapport through practices like active listening, asking thoughtful questions, and leading with empathy. This is especially critical in those initial phases when first connecting with a client.

Adapt to Each Client’s Unique Culture, Priorities, and Expectations. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, consultants should adapt as much as possible to each client organisation’s distinct culture and norms. These are the ways I think I can better demonstrate a commitment to understanding their unique situation and aligning with their priorities. Setting transparent yet realistic expectations upfront helps build trust, even when conveying difficult truths. I found that this is a great package to create trust.

Earn Trust by Demonstrating Benevolence In virtual environments, especially, and supporting companies in adopting and implementing innovative technologies (i.e., RPA-Robotic Process Automation), establishing trust requires demonstrating benevolence through emotional bonds, not just touting professional competencies.

Regular Check-Ins and balance hard metrics showing human impact. Regular check-ins safeguard progress and realign goals as situations evolve. However, balancing hard metrics with conversations highlighting human impact is necessary.

Accepting the client’s “ego” is a challenge and a great opportunity. While a strong ego from leaders requires delicate but firm managing, passionate executives push for excellence, which can be harnessed through transparency from our side.

Bottom line: Recognise that Consulting is About Human Connections By combining expertise with empathy, we, as consultants, can foster clients’ self-reliant growth through genuine empowerment. The greatest accomplishments come through meaningful human connections. At their core, consulting engagements are about rapport and understanding - the technical skills are just the baseline. And never forget that #businessustainability is the final value of our consultancy.

More details here. Thank you, Centre for Management Consulting Excellence for publishing this article in the last newsletter.


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