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"When the early explorers faced down the unknown on the high seas, they weren’t just trying to get somewhere — they were trying to find the safest and fastest passage. To succeed, they had to forge ahead continually, but they also needed to be ready to adjust, reassess, and potentially launch themselves down another path. Luckily, new tools allowed explorers to move faster and undertake formerly unthinkable journeys.

In 2024, business leaders like you will need to emulate these explorers to succeed. You’re now armed with the greatest technological advancement since the internet: generative AI. It’s not the time to “wait and see” how this technology shakes out. Generative AI is here. It’s up to you to discover its value. Experimentation with generative AI will occur amid a tense social and economic background: High-stakes political elections around the world will create moments of acute societal tension; employee engagement and sentiment are likely to slump; and inflation will continue to cast a long shadow, with the overall macroeconomic picture remaining cloudy.

Despite this uncertainty, the greatest risk is to wait by the shore, hoping that someone else will figure out the way first. Generative AI will be the fulcrum that businesses rely on to enhance, empower, and engage employees and customers — with or without you. Embrace the misstep, and think big"

Nothing to add.

Being the second mover doesn't look to be a good strategy.


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