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Cultivating Executive Trust in the Age of AI Governance ( In Press-EBR Journal)

The European Business Review has accepted our paper, "Cultivate Executive Trust in the Age of AI Governance," for publication. It will published in the Mar-Apr 2024 Edition.

The European Union, United States, and United Kingdom made rules about AI to make AI safer.

The rules aim to build trust but may also make companies less willing to use AI. More action is needed by companies beyond just following the rules. Companies need their own policies and training about AI. Leaders of companies should guide the culture and practices around using AI. AI systems should be developed and used in an ethical, transparent way that can be monitored. Employees should be allowed to oversee AI systems. Companies should work together with regulators on AI. While rules set the stage, what company leaders do and the company culture matter more. Progress requires a balanced approach to governing AI. Industry groups should cooperate to make AI guidelines. Rules don't mean companies should avoid AI - many rules actually help adopt AI, but rules alone don't ensure trust - company culture and policies also matter; company leaders promoting transparency, ethics and employee input build trust to adopt AI responsibly.


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