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Agility: The next level for the Italian Business & Organisational Model

Why speak about Agility for enterprises with reference to the Italian Business and Organisational model?

There are common #keywords: Flexibility-Adaptability.

The Italian business organisational model in the past decades has been characterised by Creativity, Adaptability and Flexibility across several and diverse industries and sectors. No need to bring examples here, I think.

Agility, which is considered another buzzword, has shown a deep insightful meaning and applicability (especially during and after COVID-19). It can safely be said then, that it is a mindset and approach that is focus on how to adapt in the quickest way to a customer centric focus, with a different way of organising and doing things to get Flexibility and Adaptability.

Below is a table with possible comparison concepts between the two approaches and cultures (yes because Agility is an approach that brings with it a different culture for management).

I am expecting lt will be a provoking event but with the final aim to create awareness of how transform and boost Italian characteristics of Creativity, Flexibility and Adaptability (currently based on tradition and hierarchy , looking for stability, even in a short term), into an approach where change is accepted as a constantly and continuously characteristic of the competitive external environment using the same strengths but with a different approaches.

🙆🏻‍♂️ Hope everything Goes Well! 😁

For those who are Italian speakers, this is the link to book a seat in this Webinar delivered on Zoom

From the results of this webinar, i planned to organise a similar one comparing Agility with another Country's Business organisational model.

Stay tuned!


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