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Scaleup consulting

Start-ups and scaleups can present situations where overestimation and underestimation of both opportunities and risks, can make the journey to succeed and grow much more difficult.

Founders’ accountability can result either too high or too low: the enthusiasm and passion of the beginning can bring entrepreneurs to either micro-manage or macro manage with a series of impacts on the success, funding process, teams’ engagement.

Following a Specialist in the Business and Strategic Company’s areas, with tools and an approach as a Consultant and as a Coach, as well, will help you to avoid the pitfalls and to conduct your venture toward success.

The critical activities can be summarised in

  • Understand the “as is” situation includes all the assets available.

  • Identify the key challenges for each stage

  • Help you to manage the strategic high-impact opportunities and risks in the future stages

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Supply proven tools to work with, increase the learning-by-doing and develop strategic critical thinking during each phase below:

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