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Why A Transformation's Journey is different from a change

Transformation vs change

Transformation is about creating a new future without the constraints of the past – innovate and transform

The change improves the past while transformation creates the future. Leaders need to differentiate between change and transformation and need to communicate this across their organisations.

Transformation requires a fundamental shift in other aspects an organisation – governance, mindsets, business models, capabilities & culture, etc.

What are the main areas involved in a Transformation?

Transformation Leadership

Leaders need to consider how the company will be different and transform it.  Need to understand the threats and opportunities this presents and how they will respond, and how they will ensure their org is capable of transforming

Business Models

This is the second step to properly direct a transformation. All the activities associated with creating the products/services and the company’s ability to do this well must be combined with  the activities associated with selling the products/services including reaching the right potential customers, transacting sales and delivering the product/service

Corporate Culture

Culture is about mindsets and behaviours that are critical to capture and develop a Transformation.

Strategic organisational shifts cannot happen without a shift in organisational culture

Transformation is more likely to succeed if org culture, individual values and beliefs are aligned with the goals of the transformation effort

Organisational Structure

Leaders need to adjust their org structures to facilitate far more rapid transformation than ever before. Removing inefficiencies is something that can help foster an environment that is suitable for transformation.


How can the Company be sure that it can undertake the transformation Journey?

An independent and external consultant can assess the current level of transformation capabilities in these critical areas:

  • Management Capabilities

individual transformation management roles are properly addressed and well organised

  • Innovation Capabilities​

what do we need to remove  that prevents a company’s innovation potential and to ensure the company has the right innovation capability: implementing new ideas to create value  aligned to strategic priorities

  • Technical Capabilities

Do we have the right technical capabilities to support the transformation?

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Did we undercover gaps and all the risks and opportunities?

To feel comfortable and confident to undertake the transformation, it is required to have an independent mapping of what the gaps sit in the organization, culture, Business models and new leadership and if you have the right resources and capabilities upfront and where eventually build new ones.

Now you can start your transformation.

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