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Getting results from a change
Many would like to improve their organization so they think about changes, everybody is aware that “all improvement involves change, but not all change brings improvements”.  


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Transformation vs change

Transformation is about creating a new future without the constraints of the past – innovate and transform. The change improves the past while transformation creates the future.

How to get the most of a Transformation from the beginning?


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Recovering technology, people engagement and benefits expected
The road to a successful implementation is never without risks or difficulties. There are early warnings such as cost overruns, missed milestones; technical difficulties. These are some of the symptoms of a troubled project and that it’s time for corrective actions to rehabilitate the project.
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Tailoring technology to your company processes
In an ERP implementation, every company would like to avoid having remorse of the vendor's activity in 6-8 months after a go-live.

ERP consultancy helps to have the maximum ROI of your investment choice.


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Wrapping consultancy, analysis and moving forward to the achievement of the project goals.

Leading an ERP project requires a combination of project management methodologies, tailored to the project environment and ERP processes knowledge,  which requires business acumen, experience in multiple implementations and the ability to relate project scope with benefits expected. A thick skin is an additional skill required here.


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