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Change consultancy & management

Getting results from a change
Change consultancy brings tools and methodology which can reduce Company’s concerns about how to assess people and evaluate the change impact in the organisation, to manage people’s resistance vs continuous engagement and finally to make the changes effective in the medium-long term.

Confirm you are in the right direction for change


  • Verify that your change strategy can match your business goals

  • Understand  people’s strengths and estimate resistance with the impact on the change’s activities

  • Assess the organisation and changes’ impact on the processes

  • Establish who can guarantee the right lead and drive the change internally

  • Measure the expectations with KPIs


Which issues or pitfalls can be avoided?


  • Start with something which is not aligned with what  is needed- project scope

  • Unexpected resistance vs expected support without a strategy and a plan

  • A wrong change plan with underestimated costs, unrealistic deadlines,

  • Establishing wrong expectations

  • Focusing on doing things right instead of doing the rights things


Want to know how to get control of the change, since the early stages?

Enabling the company to effectively managing people’s resistance vs progressive engagement


This approach is not a” tick in the box” one but it exists to enable and support teams in choosing  the right communications at the right moment, using an appropriate coaching and managing resources during the change

  1. Mitigate the “self-preoccupation.” related to the change

  2. Reduce the impact on social and technical aspects for the teams

  3. Engage and manage people participation effectively

  4. Reduce the risks related to the teams’ resistance

  5. Enable the internal personnel to manage their staff


“People do not resist change. They resist being changed!”

Would you like to understand how to identify and manage reactions to new initiatives?

Measure the “Changes Adoption” and keep up the good work done

Implementing the reverse pyramid approach, and using KPIs and feedbacks companies can constantly evaluate the situation with the changes implemented, how teams can further improve their performance and consider further strategies to remove any remaining resistance and fill gaps, with a Reinforcing strategy and plan to avoid backwards steps.


Unsure about selecting the right approach? Let's talk

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