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TRANSFORAGE- The Age to Transform

"New technologies and approaches are merging the physical, digital, and biological worlds in ways that will fundamentally 

transform humankind. The extent to which that transformation is positive will depend on how we navigate the risks and

opportunities that arise along the way"  - 

Klaus Schwab

We will help you to understand how changes can be more predictable and how the transformations you are going through can be seamlessly connected with your goals. And this makes our consultancy unique and exceptional.

 Digital Transformation explained

Business transformation 

encloses the cultural shift, change and business processes driven by changing market demands, business models and raising of new competitors


IT transformation 

It is the reassessment and renewal of information technology to support digital transformation ( infrastructure, cloud)


Digital Transformation

the strategy, roadmap, tools and processes to implement digital solutions to support business transformation

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HIT™-High Impact Transformation

 HIT™-High-Impact Transformation.

We operate following a proprietary Framework

The Impact of HIT sits in the elimination of the risks of "big-bang" transformation projects scored high in the failure rates:

  • Ineffective technology, and not the return of investment

  • Misalignment of transformations with corporate, business and organizational strategies

  • Wasted internal and internal costs

How HIT™ works 

HIT is a framework based on the concept that acceleration for companies to progress and get results to need to be focused on critical issues or opportunities and contemporarily connect them with strategies. This framework is based on the principle of unlocking the internal potential of a company and create rapid and measurable results.  To act rapidly, focus on meaningful, realistic and agreed, goals, create and consolidate capacity and capabilities in the organization and in the resources are the characteristics of HIT  along with the other framework's modules.

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CASTModel -Capability and Sustainability for transformation

We discover if the company has or lacks of dynamic capability in terms of hard and soft elements: internal resources, attitudes for innovation and change, culture and climate and IT. And if these potentialities or gaps can guarantee the sustainability of a transformation. These are critical elements to go-no-go


MST™ Model  - Minimum Sustainable Transformation

The rapid cycle activities are based on the agreed results to produce iterative and high-pressure cycles to reach the targeted performances, to create experimentation with testing the effectiveness of the actions in real-life, to involve continuous training, coaching and increased engagement, between leaders and teams.

The MST is then a collection of successful actions, indications for changes in culture, organization, requirements either for technical and digital solutions implementation. it is the bridge between successful activities in critical areas and a full Digital transformation.

SAC Model - Scaleup-Adoption-Change

The approaches to move to a scale-up from the MST are based on results! However, it is a starting point. This is the way to proceed with a proven already Change Methodology (we use PROSCI), We include Leadership alignment, Sponsors, champions, management team, communications, implementation groups, planning training and KPIs. The slogan is "Sustainable Outcomes at Scale".

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