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What are the elements which prevent startups and scaleups to be funded?-Research

Research aims and objectives

The research aims to investigate what and whether qualitative elements in the founding requests from Startups and Scaleups can match with those used in Strategic consulting, and for SMEs. And then which ones, once applied, could improve the rates of approval by Funders according to their practices. A summary of knowledge and techniques through a process of gap/fit analysis and possibly a framework can facilitate the matching among professionals, companies and investors.

Research scope: Investigate the knowledge and perception of the qualitative criteria following a typical analysis and screening process with expert groups, startups and scaleups, Funders/Investors.( see next slide to have more details) and verifying any match or gap with the strategic and management consulting literature and practice.


-Define the similarities and differences among groups about qualitative elements and their applicability to match funds demand and offer

-Matches or gaps between consulting and practices through literature review

-Propose as recommendations. a qualitative strategic framework using a concept of Minimum Viable Framework (MVF).

Expected outcomes from the conclusions

•Depending on the different nature of the gaps/fits an operative Minimum Viable Framework (MVF) to direct experts, entrepreneurs to match Investors’ requirements about qualitative elements, possibly per investors’ type

•Sub-outcomes: different gaps/fits to cover within the different groups:


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