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What are the aspects which make VUCA relevant for both Business Continuity and Projects to manage?

Leadership decisions are influenced by VUCA, such as identifying risks, solving problems, and new offerings with new business models. And elaborate and implement updated strategies through business models.

In addition to strategy implementation, new projects or programmes aim to help strategies reach their goals from business transformation, Digital Transformation, and RPA. And thus, It is safe to say that these projects have strategic relevance.

Focusing on Projects, as for broad acceptance, they differ from Business-as-Usual (BAU).

PRINCE 2 project definition: “a temporary organisation created to deliver one or more business products according to a specified business case.”

But there are also commonalities between BAU and projects

PRINCE 2 Projects are Cross-Functional: “Teams working on projects are different from those working in other parts of an organisation, as it is assumed”

However, new management models require cross-functional teams to implement and use technology like RPA Robotic Process Automation and Low/No code Digital Solutions. Both have the benefits of breaking down existing silos, which require cross-functional resources once implemented.

PRINCE 2 -Projects are uncertain. “These characteristics make projects more uncertain than Business as usual. Projects inevitably have a higher level of uncertainty. There is no guarantee we’ll get to where we want with a plan. As a result, we need to control uncertainty when planning our projects to succeed. “ Consequently, PRINCE2 says that projects differ from organisations’ norms.

However, VUCA, Volatility, Uncertainty Complexity and Ambiguity are heavily impacting also projects management, even if not in the same way as the company as a whole. Let’s say in a reduced way, but still, VUCA imposes additional attention from those who manage the projects anticipating where it is possible an extended range of risks.

Some authors emphasise project control, while others consider similar mindsets and approach like the leaders: Project or Programme managers.

At the business level, risks anticipation (threats and opportunities) can help to see what changes/transformation could be appropriate to avoid disruption in the Business, with the duty of keeping teams and organisations engaged, motivated and confident, facilitating and collecting lesson learned.

Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity also affect how projects are conducted. Project managers are prevented from making informed decisions, planning efficiently, adapting to changes, and finding solutions to problems when VUCA factors are present. And they are called to keep resources engaged, motivated and confident too.

What then makes similar the Business and Project management as a common influence is VUCA

In my view, PRINCE 2 ss other methods. are perfect as methodologies and governance to have a rigorous process; however same mindsets and skills are required for PMs and leadership about the Business. And these skills will foster Project execution and later BAU.

Following this rationale, we have designed the course “Advanced Project Management”, where VUCA is the starting point, highlighting the skills and tools to develop and use. With all the due differences, VUCA skills look similar to those required for leadership and culture in Business.

For further details, I invite readers to watch the video following the link below.


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