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Webinar: Competitive Advantages and new Management models -Takeaways

Personally speaking I have enjoyed the intense and vibrant Webinar with Bob Emiliani. on 9/03/2023.

The key points which are condensate in the Pdf downloadable here can be summarised around these questions:

  • How can we manage the new competitive advantages in this changing world?

  • Are transformations (business, digital, agility) essential to competitiveness?

  • The issue of considering changing some intangible internal elements to achieve tangible results emerged: what can you say about this dilemma?

  • People-centric is a buzzword and a reality to consider and manage. What are your views about it?

  • What is a reasonable approach to increase a people-centric mindset and approach?

  • Are other successful companies with people-centric approaches an external source of influence for leaders?

  • How can the “resistance” to further delegation, reducing hierarchy, and changing the control system be resolved?

Webinar summary Competitive Advantages and New Business models -Bob Emiliani
Download PDF • 220KB



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