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” We make people before we make cars” Toyota

In TRANSFORAGE, we thought about how to link the need for capabilities for a Transformation with the concept of learning and make it easier for Boards, Managing directors, Directors and Executives. To identify ways to increase or develop the intention of creating a people-centred culture from the organisation’s top.

We believe that cultural changes happen when the new company’s roles can support change behaviours.

We also believe that accomplishing a cultural change is not Leaders’ responsibility. Instead, it is their job to help change the culture by developing everyone in a well-ordered manner (with a process).

Thus, a process of change or transformation needs to be in place to manage the classic activities of a top-down approach: Strategy and goals, Sponsorship with effective support, and communication strategy

However, we believe that leaders roles need to consider other elements:

1. The first of the leaders’ roles is to set the direction of the cultural transformation

2. The second is to allow himself to reflect and learn too…

3. The third is to enable people’s learning from experience in a “safe environment”, allowing an Innovation, Adaptation culture

This is how people-centred culture happens and is embedded in the changes required by Business and Digital transformation, Agility, and Resilience building.


TRANSFORAGE and PEOPLES© framework for a People-centred culture

PEOPLES© framework is the Transforage appraisal of Leadership, Innovation and adaptation, culture, and Change capabilities with an integrated view of alignments or misalignments. It has been built with the purpose of creating a People-centred culture including learning.

We allow the client to reflect on previous experiences based on the evaluation results and the gaps. This is the most significant source for learning (point 2)



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