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Video Interview by THE BRAND CALLED YOU | Thought Leadership – Transformation – Culture - Automation

I am very thankful to Ashutosh Garg for this opportunity of sharing #leadershiplessons, #knowldege #experience and #wisdom in a deep interview for the The Brand Called You , trying to answer to contemporary challenging questions.

Waiting for the release of the video interview, it can be said that , the types of questions were based on:

· The pros and cons of automation, with the impact on employment/future of work/job security

· Why leadership role is the one that drives DT, and innovation.

· Employees buy-in and people first approach.

· Experiences, challenges of my transformations,

· Views about the future of transformations

· My way to encourage people to transform.

I am immensely proud to have been interviewed by The Brand Called You , for the given opportunity to share my past, present and perspectives about such timely and critical topics.


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