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The European Business Review has published our article about how Executives' trust in AI can be increased and transferred internally and managed in terms of Governance. We have examined the UK, EU, and US, regulations, bills, and guidelines.

New rules have been created for AI. Leaders need to make people trust it as Laws are not enough. What companies do, matters too. When leaders are careful a respect rules and make this possible with AI, workers, and others feel better about it. Countries have different AI rules. But people everywhere want the same things. They want AI to be fair, keep jobs safe, and let us move forward. Leaders from all over can work together to make good rules for everyone.

There is another takeaway from our Work: the creation of the Framework: VIBE ©- AI ADOPTION CATALYST FRAMEWORK ©.

The VIBE tool simplifies the process for companies to implement AI effectively and efficiently. It enables managers to easily navigate the steps required to optimize AI performance.

It comprises four components.

  1. Firstly managers must communicate the purpose of integrating AI within the company and outline its objectives clearly.

  2. Secondly, they should encourage learning about AI among employees and foster enthusiasm for its utilization.

  3. Thirdly managers need to demonstrate the usage of AI within the organization.

  4. Lastly, they should instill trust in employees to make decisions when using AI.

By adhering to these principles managers can cultivate an attitude, toward AI usage, among employees ultimately benefiting the company's performance. The name "VIBE AI Adoption Catalyst" signifies a seamless implementation of AI while emphasizing the significance of fostering positivity, collaboration, ongoing learning, proper utilization of technology, and making decisions.


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