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Technical Debt and removal -Freeing Capabilities to become Agile and Digital- LINKZ 119-Manchester

Thanks to Linx, i had the opportunity to speak at their convention on the 16 of May. the intense 30 minutes had given me the opportunity to create awareness and sharing knowledge about TECHNICAL DEBT and its impact on Agility and Digital transformation.

Main costs have been highlighted including the non-financial ones, related to loss of competitivity and of competitive advantages related to Dynamic Capabilities.

Other consequences are that any innovation process is slowed down when supporting systems beyond legacy ones,are not working at speed and at scale.

At macro-level two solutions after a careful assessment of the Technical Debt are proposed: RPA and Low--No code platforms.

In addition to cost-savings, it has been important to remark the other qualitative strategic benefits such as COMPETITIVE EDGE and INNOVATIO & AGILITY

It is my goal to deliver another interactive workshop base on Technical Debt, with the increased awareness of how estimate you technical debt, involving directly the participants.


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