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Motivated by the fresh nomination from THINKER360 as TOP VOICE 2023, I decided that this achievement brings responsibility to demonstrate further thought leadership in topical topics that connect AI with other specific aspects of a Business.

Trust in AI: what is the status of individuals about trust in AI, and what is expected from employees, managers, and executives of AI trust?

AI’s trumped benefits must consider the trust in technology by individuals and employees, managers and executives. From some recent research about individuals, we will move towards some critical points of consideration about the impacts of trust on:

· Decision-making processes

· Culture and new technology adoption

· Accountability for data quality.

Trust is not at face value ( hype) when we speak about AI.

New approaches for strategy management with AI- the end or refreshing of classic tools?

Most companies today still use traditional tools for making strategies. But in the

future, Al could start changing how strategy is done. Al may bring new capabilities that complement

classic methods. However, Al has limits, lacking human judgment and creativity_ So, pure Al-driven strategy may never replace human judgement and decision-making. Instead, the optimal path forward could be combining Al with human strengths. Al may become an enhancement for executives, not a replacement.

In new approaches to Strategy. Management. Let’s analyse and monitor these emerging trends.

Emerging trends because the adoption of AI is not yet widespread….

The end of AI and ML “back box” with XAI- Explainable Artificial Intelligence

ML and Al have been developed to optimise models by increasing accuracy or decreasing prediction error. However, this approach often overlooked the importance of understanding why and how your

ML model makes tie predictions that it does. Explainable Al (XAI) seeks to increase transparency

within artificial intelligence systems by offering explanations of their decisions., to increase transparency and trustworthiness for individuals who use these technologies and mainly to improve the human-aligned decision-making process, making visible how choices are proposed.

Let’s follow this growing trend about XAI, which market is estimated to reach 23 billion in 2030 worldwide.

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