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My paper's inclusion in the MBA Consulting modules at York St John University

It has been a pure pleasure full of proudness hearing my research findings from the published paper in the Management Consulting Journal, "What are the implications of virtualisation for building trust during the management consultancy lifecycle? (Management Consulting Journal-vol. 7 June 2021-page 18) will be included in the MBA Consulting Modules at York St John University.

The information utilisation will be focused on the skills of building trust and client-consultant relationships during the lifecycle of consultancy projects with the challenges expected by working virtually.

it is a great way to reconnect with York St John University and tutors in the MBA in Consulting.

The research provides a timely update on trust in the virtual environment. It looks forward to the trend of development of commodification of services using virtual and digital tools, which will require less overall trust but a different client-consultant relationship in specific phases. Building and maintaining trust is the first mandatory point on which a client-consultant relationship can be created and nurtured to guarantee the success of the professional activity and increase performance.

Adoption and application will be promoted and incentivised connecting the advantages of digitalisation with trust and client-consultant relationship topics to enhance quality and success criteria. It can therefore be included in an integrative part of the client-consultant relationships but concerning the virtual/digital world. Furthermore, it can also be considered in customer satisfaction measurement.

Thank you YSJU.


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