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Dynamic Capabilities for Digital, Flexibility and Resilience

In the last three years, I shaped and clarified my purposes, and I want to share them with the THINKERS360 readers.

I believe and support

  1. The democratisation of Digital.

  2. Technology like RPA and the” Citizens’ developers” concept because they are solutions that can change for good the life, quality of work and the way for Middle managers and employees to contribute to firms’ competitive advantages.

  3. Making firms more flexible and resilient when unpredictable situations happen is achievable and part of a single logic and roadmap.

Businesses may find it difficult to figure out what initiatives need to be implemented to successfully achieve Digital Transformation, considering that the internal organisation has elements that can support and accelerate or prevent the DT journey. However, considering what capabilities are needed for DT, we must consider how to make them dynamic to build support for flexibility and resilience.

We know this journey is challenging, but we have found a way to consider DT, Flexibility and Resilience not as three separate disciplines but as three linked management concepts.

The concept of dynamic capabilities is not a buzzword but related to building and reshaping internal and external competencies and initiating Digital Transformation.

Today we introduce CAST © Framework: Capabilities and Sustainability for Transformation as a diagnostic tool to define the level of capacities a firm need to set up, considering the requirements of Digital, Flexibility and Resilience.

  • No excuses anymore for Firms

  • Neither “fads” Nor “fashion setting “consulting approaches are from our side.

My commitment is to help firms make sense of complex issues and solutions.

The elements of business success in this new era are interdependent. Each element needs to be seen as a dynamic and networked organism with their interactions and interdependencies.

Their links are necessary to simplify the reality as Digital, Flexibility and Resilience management concepts can’t be considered in isolation.

Be ready to see more simplicity with logic instead of overcomplexity and jargon.


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