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Conscious Leadership and Its impact on Culture

I am not the first and not the last one who will keep going in speaking about conscious leadership. However, I like the idea of considering this defined leadership type in the impact on real strategic and organisational matters with a cause-effect logic, which is the scope of our #CAST framework based on a holistic view of the issues and opportunities to be fixed/exploited.

In a previous post, we have seen Wisdom

Today we are looking at one element which impacts badly or nicely (effectively) on Culture: Purpose.

Our @COLE-Conscious leadership contains elements such as the leader’s purpose for a greater good to be pursued with the business and how to transmit it across the company’s values and transform them into active behaviours for the teams.

Easy to say and hard to do, many will think.

However, let us see what the impacts could be in other strategic areas in addition to Culture

👉 Values and behaviours which support innovation and strategic changes

👉 Success Criteria for both change and innovation as accepted part of the new culture,

The former is related to the way we take some actions, including creating more awareness and trying to match people’s individual purposes.

The latter is related to the coherent approach with human resources who can see their efforts recognised in participating in the innovation and change projects. Including the motivation and practical skills development as a result of supportive leadership.

Immediately it can be seen that there is an impact of these two cultural elements on the Change process, right? However, if it is not still evident, I highlight other strategic areas here:

They also impact the business strategies’ capability and effectiveness and the activation of growth strategies.

Using the cause-effect approach, we will better analyse Business and growth strategies with robust evidence of the impact of other areas on them.

Ask yourself if you now:

1. Have a personal purpose

2. If and how it can be connected with your business.

They are good starting points to consider for Purposeful leadership.


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