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AI, the new Business Advisor? And what about the Consultancy Business Continuity?

The published article “ The End of Management Consulting as We Know it?” highlighted the increased clients’ needs due to AI introduction as a competitive advantage and the risk of startups, especially those involved with using AI for clients and consultancy.

AI for companies can be an excellent consulting partner or resource: both work synergistically for maximum effect. AI provides data-driven insights, while traditional consultants possess context knowledge and interpretative abilities; each brings something unique to the client.

It looks like AI is going to revolutionise management consulting in ways that cannot yet be predicted; its effects could ask consultancies to move away from integrated models toward customised service offerings and ask consulting firms to collaborate with AI if they wish to remain viable during AI’s rise as an advisor. In addition, sharing expertise and knowledge to implement a diverse but always a piece of technology into a business could create a specialised service for clients. Consultancy firms wanting to stay during AI rise should adapt accordingly to remain sustainable and stay competitive in a new world.


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