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 Project recovery and di-stress implementation

Recovering Technology, People engagement and Benefits expected
If a project falls behind schedule, costs increase, or the vendor under delivers, or all of them, the project is in trouble and needs to be recovered. The good news is that project recoveries are common and business disruption can be prevented.

Sound judgement: assess and identify root causes


When an ERP project starts to spiral out of control, it is essential to identify quickly what is really going wrong and what needs to be done. And the good news is it is not necessary to shake things up.

The assessment is the crucial phase of the recovery. It helps:

  • To avoid making “assumptions” and blaming internal and external resources

  • To identify the root causes based on results  - facts and not assumptions

  • To assess the impacts of the issues in the scope, technical and functional areas, business processes, budget resources and timelines

  • To build a robust and realistic strategy to solve the issues, and looking at opportunities in the recovery


How can you avoid having to go back to square one?

The remedy


Corrective actions depend on problems identified and their root causes. This enables:

  •  Planning of the corrective actions and those related to potential opportunities with refreshed:

    • Scope

    • Benefits expected review

    • Timelines

    • Resources requirements

    • Budget and vendor’s management new strategy

  • Resolving of technical issues and properly addressing the right resources

  • Improved communications

  • The establishment or modification of  new change control mechanisms


The result


A sound recovery strategy brings the project back on track, restores business confidence and aligns the project to business priorities and enables the project to go forward. You can start with a clean slate. Your investments are still productive, people engagement is renewed, benefits can still be achieved.


Are you looking for a strategy to recover your project?

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