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Culture and brand alignment is a Must Have requirement

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“Startups are defined by growth, But growth isn't the step one in building a great company. If you focus on trying to grow before you make a product people love ❤️ you are unlikely to succeed” -

Sam Altman

From personal values to  company values

•Vision is created by the leaders and validated by the team. It feels like ‘I have this vision; will you join me?’

•Mission is created by the leaders in conjunction with the team. It feels like ‘This is our mission; are you on it?’

•Values are created by the leaders and the team together as equals. It feels like ‘These are our values; do we live them?’

With vision, mission and values, as with everything,

how we do what we do is even more important than what we do.

Values and behaviours are created at the beginning and acting following the original culture.


Branding should reflect your culture and mostly aligning each other as soon as you move toward each stage of growth.

We supply straightforward approaches to consider Culture and brand, aligned.

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