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ERP Consultancy

Why hiring an ERP Strategic consultant?


It is the opportunity to get an independent support to create a strategy which seamlessly drives an integration of a Company's legacy systems into the new ERP, minimising risks of an ERP implementation and ensuring benefits realisation. ERP selection needs to ensure that the solution can guarantee the expected benefits, a proper resources utilisation and the ROI.

ERP strategy


An independent and professional ERP Strategy helps to understand:


  • Which are the Strategic Business Goals the ERP needs to  Support

  • What are the right solutions and features which meet evolving business needs

  • How to determine the Business Capabilities which can be included in ERP Scope

  • How to clarify if the Company needs a new solution or add-ons or integrations


The methodology and  approach can help the Customer to avoid common problems and pitfalls during and after the implementation:


  • Failing  in supporting the future business goals

  • Failing in effectively integrate process

  • Escalating organisational and IT costs


Is your Company in the ERP acquisition process, or are you already progressing in the phases of planning, selection, evaluation and choice? 



ERP Selection 


ERP selection is the most critical phase where the Company has the opportunity to pick the suitable solution among the options carefully investigated. 

It can also be considered as the critical moment to assess and reduce the risks' impact on budget, time and scope.


What is expected from an ERP selection process:


  • Getting the most cost-effective ERP solution

  • Minimising the risks during the selection process and then related to the future implementation

  • Optimising e the total costs of ownership  (TCO)



Would you like to have insights to approach and methodology I use and see if this can fit into Your Company’s project?


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